Woman Spirit

Some hold that a person, a human being, is defined as an individual who is the sum of their complex physical elements and experience. They view the person's DNA, development and encounters with the world as shaping them. Those things that cannot be seen, for example love, sadness and regret, are tools that aid understanding and the ability to survive and cope in the world.

Others believe the person is also described by their spirit, their unique blend of non-physical qualities. It is no more possible to evidence the spirit as it is to demonstrate beauty, and herein lies the difference between the rational and non-rational view of the person.

Woman Spirit is my expression of the nature of a woman. It touches on the physical form of a person, and also their influence and life beyond the confines of their body. When I look upon this work I free myself to wonder about its light - I seek no answers as I stay in her company and muse about her strength.

An extract from the full size work follows below.