Without Reason I Will Love

For Violin, Piano, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, English Horn, Boroque Bassoon, and Strings.


Love has no reason save itself

Save: other than, but, except. To keep safe or rescue from harm or danger. To store for future use.


The Rights of Living Things is a declaration that seeks to encourage thought about how we act towards life and those more complex living things that are conscious. The Right to Love is the first I have set to music.

Rights are ethical and legal entitlements, and aspirations of how things should be.

Sentience is the ability to feel pleasure, pain, and the desire to exert choice.

As an expressive art form, music encourages us to respond to ideas from a non-rational perspective. Music makes us feel as well as think, and in this I hope 'Without Reason I Will Love' proves valuable in supporting The Rights of Living Things.

The Right to Love - What Does This Mean?

Without Reason I Will Love is an assertion of the right to love.

The phrase The Right to Love is found alongside The Right to Dignity, The Right to Be Valued, and seven other rights. Each right is followed by a brief article that clarifies it.

The articles of The Rights of Living Things and The Rights of Sentient Beings do not stand in isolation but form a unified whole. Life is divided into two categories: that which is alive, and that which also has the ability to feel pleasure and pain, and the desire to exert choice. An oak tree is alive, but does not have sentience. As animals, humans fall into both categories: they live and are sentient.

As love is many things to people and takes many forms, it is perhaps helpful to express my understanding of it:

Love: powerful, positive feelings and actions towards another, or others. More than attraction or desire. The foundation of a life well lived.

With this in mind, The Right to Love is not confined to personal and romantic love, but applies more widely to the right to feel and act with love.

Artwork: Without Reason I Will Love

The image that accompanies the music shown above is a small section from the lower left of a larger abstract work full with living forms.

The complete image in smaller form follows.