With Frozen Sleep We Lay


Where time breaks free as breath from body-bound to air,

As day and night collide in spirit land lay softly sound with light unknown with form elsewhere,

Be of that moment rapt and rich with strange and wondered way,

Become that realm enchantment roam embrace the dawning dream conveyed.

Sleep: that place beneath our surface that shapes our sense of self.

As I look upon this work I see the monumental profile of a face that gazes skyward, hewn from ancient weathered stone. It is as if a world unknown once was, or lies unseen below this crust of wilderness and ice-cold grey-green rock.

Sleep, our mystery of wandering soul where freedom, love and fear find voice. There are people in my dreams I have met before and yet have never seen elsewhere. Places too that I visit over, and over, yet only in my sleep. It is strange - this familiarity devoid of recollection past more than the brief moments of my immediate waking.

Most of my dreams go unremembered - I like it that way. I like that the world is not all known, that there is mystery to my life. I like that I have friends and love outside my waking world who are as real and true as you. I like my dream discovery, its secrecy, its taste. I like this second life of chance and meeting full with frozen sleep yet far from still within.

Dream long and love the sweetness of enchanted night.

An extract from the full size artwork follows.