Together We Make New

· With You On A Hill With Flowers ·

For Piano, Voice, Cello, and Strings.



   •    •


There, to our right.

A brief pause, and then, excitedly...

I see.

We feel.

With hope:

Others treasure this place.


Some so with, the flowers they become... as you.

We smile.

The beauty of the love we give makes the both of us brand new.


Music requires no words to be, and yet words can help it bloom. I listen as I think of the words:

Together We Make New

I hear four kinds of sound: a piano, a voice, a cello, and strings.

The strings come and go as waves upon the shore. Complex, strange, yet soothing, and beautiful. Sometimes gentle, and at others full with passion.

The piano, throughout this piece, treads its way as a simple melodic line, most often as a single note that steps upon the world.

A voice breathes its separate song, yet when heard together, the piano, the voice, and strings combine to make something entirely new. Together, the trickle of simple lines of sound make something far more complex, magical, and powerful. In this the music mirrors its title: Together We Make New.

For those most rare and sensitive, every word and movement of another is felt. When shared, their gesture, idea, and love transforms.

Whether two people, a group, or nation, when humans come together, they make something new. At times, with hope, this new can save us from the harm of others, those less fortunate, who dispense their insecurities and pain as cruelty on and in the world...

This work forms part of Encyclopedia Utopia.