The World Unseen

The faint ghost-like form of a rocket launches from the centre of our forest-green earth, its fiery plume wraps the world with layers of gold where only a hint of ocean-blue remains.

Arcs of light rise and fall across the globe: the discharge of our journeys, the paths of our communication, the footprints of our frantic frenzied lives.

I am drawn by this sphere's magnetic beauty, its colours of the sun, of sand, of life and water.

I voyage in search for signs of nature far below, hidden by the clouds of what we leave behind.

This is the world unseen.

Light and sound catch our attention, but words focus what we see and hear. Without the accompanying words above, the image is no more than a thing of curiosity and beauty.

The title begins the artwork's transformation from the sensory to the meaningful. The challenge of art that seeks to engage the heart and mind about the importance of our personal response to conservation and our care for the environmental is that it leads to action.

Through things unknown and its appeal to our senses, art draws us back, and as it does we ruminate, we muse. Art's seed of discontent is laid.


An extract from the full size work follows: