The Wings of Sleep

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of when humans first walked on the moon.


As an eight year old boy I am glued to a grainy black and white television picture, well before the first blush of morning. With my twin aunts and two sisters I watch the first human lower themself off the lunar lander to take their first step on the moon.

Around six hundred million people tune in at the very same time across the earth. We are enthralled by a spirit of exploration, of great risk and vulnerability, and sense the power of being somehow present in this great adventure, together.

I love every moment of the Apollo space program, and whenever they launch a new mission I rush back from school to watch the voyage of discovery unfold. During my fractured sleep each night I dream of flying with wings that never tire, that take me anywhere I choose.

'The Wings of Sleep' captures a moment of my dream.

An extract from the full size image follows.