The Art of Becoming

Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, and Voices.


· Begin To Be ·

·  Become New  ·

Becoming: a movement towards a different state of self.

Self: the unique yet shifting union of elements that are experienced and known by a conscious entity comprising their physical, psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional qualities.

Although I often feel a strong sense of self, on reflection, my sense of self is made from the moving sands of the various elements of my being. Despite the changes in my environment, well-being, and interactions, if there is enough consistency of my being in my life, my journey is more confident and at ease. When my self is more certain, I am better able to act with love. When I experience becoming in many ways at once, when physical, psychological, spiritual, and intellectual changes occur simultaneously, I am less at ease and more likely to harm.

The Art of Becoming is a play on words. Art refers to skill, as well as something new created for the heart and mind. The word becoming also means attractive in appearance. The title therefore acts as a descriptive summary of both the visual work, the music, and as an introduction to my thoughts about what it is to experience the movement of one's self as it shifts towards a state of change.

I can become happy, sad, hurtful, kind, angry, helpful, smart or foolish, and a lot more besides. But when I am becoming I have the choice to continue or pause as in this state I have not yet become. I often make the wrong choice. The Art of Becoming is to be better at making positive choices for both myself and others. I can only make the best choice when I become aware of my becoming and consider it on each occasion in the light of love.

Love: powerful, positive feelings combined with acts of kindness for others. The foundation of a life well lived.

The music 'The Art of Becoming' begins with a short orchestrated section and sparse piano that is at times in dissonance with the darker arcs of strings, woodwind, and voices. This more abstract passage gives way to a simpler piece, yet also frames the last two thirds of the solo piano with its echo. What the music becomes is born of its becoming. What I become is born of my becoming. Being mindful of this I listen to my choice of becoming.

The visual art, despite being still, was also created as a way to express becoming - something that moves. It is my way to describe the flow and transformation of my self by showing the emergence of others. I see the indistinct forms of birds and creatures that hide within the thick vegetation, and glimpse of sky as I gaze at the greens, golds, reds, and blues of earth.

Together with the text of title and ideas, music and art are in a constant state of becoming, much like my self.

Perhaps I am drawn to sound, light, and language because of their unending propensity to be revisited, and that in my return I become new.

An extract from the full size artwork follows: