Portrait Of The Queen Of Earth With Climate Changed

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A personification of climate change.

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The impact of climate change rising an average of two degrees Celsius across the globe as compared with pre-industrial levels is depicted as the queen of earth before and after this milestone, now possible by 2045.

The queen is presented as Caucasian because the nations that took part in the industrial revolution that seeded climate change were predominantly from Europe, the United States, and Japan. The queen's cosmetic makeup alludes to the manufacture of material goods for the sole use of humans.

A two degree change in the Earth's climate would profoundly disrupt the whole world with increasingly intense extreme weather events. The impact of this change would include higher oceans and sea levels that would inundate whole cities like Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Jakarta in Indonesia, and Miami in Florida. Significant animal and plant extinctions would undermine biodiversity to such an extent this alone would threaten the ability of many living things to remain viable because of their complex interconnected relationships, and the eventual disappearance from the earth of coral, snow, and ice would become inevitable, further placing life in jeopardy.

The impact on humans of a two degree increase in global temperature would be catastrophic. A proliferation of major human conflicts and widespread poverty would cause mass civil unrest and suffering in every nation of the world. The displacement of millions of people, and significant increases in infectious disease would further weaken human's ability to meet the challenges of survival in the future. By 2045, and without changes that cease human's use of fossil fuels, our essential needs to feed, clothe, and shelter ourselves will be in peril.

Every one of us can make a positive difference by being careful about our use of energy and those things we re/use. The waves that crash upon the shore are made from single drops of water far smaller than a finger tip, yet together they change the landscape of our world...

The Queen of Earth as shown below presents her after the ravages of climate change. Full size extracts of the artworks follow, together with a combined image that shows the Queen profoundly changed as compared with the first on this page.

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