Our Homeless Voice

Vocals, Piano, Strings, Tuned Percussion


·  For Those Without Voice, Without Home  ·

.  .  .


This short piece is the first of a suite of three works that are dedicated to those with no home.

Our Homeless Voice

Seeking Shelter




The portrait 'Homeless' attempts to present a person with no home as strong and aspirational, as well as someone in need of care and support. A full size extract follows:

The second artwork below that accompanies the music is an abstract expression that seeks to show the lives of the homeless as complex and vibrant.

The homeless are often depicted negatively. I wanted to make an image as a more positive representation of those without a home. I glimpse the shape of a body here and there, a person sitting on the ground, another talking, another reaching out.

The beauty of shape and colour is undeniable, as is the value of each individual. A full size extract follows: