One Summer Day



·  One : Like No Other  ·


As music becomes, the heart returns.

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The sky is full with the gradual, beautiful, and imperceptible change of blue.

Of all the deliciously warm summer days I have known, this music speaks of one.

Beauty flows from an experience of the senses, and from acts of compassion, kindness, and courage. When something like the sky is beautiful, when someone is beautiful, I feel love.

Love: powerful, positive feelings and actions towards another, or others. More than attraction or desire. The foundation of a life well lived.

When I love nature I care for it, I nurture it. I think of how my actions might harm it. When I love a person the same is true.

Music moves me, brings me hope, and gives voice to love.

I return to listen to this piece as my life is experienced through time. My body, my thoughts, my feelings and actions, what has, does, and will happen to me is always and only of my now. Upon each listening from beginning to end, I experience each now of music as new, because I am new with each and every moment of this journey I know as life.

As music becomes, the heart returns.