Long Standing Kind Heart

A solitary cypress tree stands on a hill surrounded by golden light and uncertain shape.

Kind: something shared; a group with common characteristics or attitudes; empathy and a willingness to do good for others, extending across species and to nature; being well meaning, warm, and generous.

The tree that stands at the top of a ridge at the centre of each painting is distinct yet sympathetic to its place. Its textures are similar to those forms that surround it, yet it is the landscape's unmistakable focus.

This work was inspired by the kindest soul I have known, and who taught me the strength of generosity and grace.

Long Standing Kind Heart shown above is more intimate, more free in form and approach than Long Standing Kindred Spirit shown below which shows the tree from a wider angle. I enjoy the first work for its more mysterious and abstract nature. I recognize the strength of showing both here as Long Standing Kindred Spirit provides context to the first and adds to my ponderings about my own ties with kindness.



An extract from the full size artwork follows along with Long Standing Kindred Spirit and its extract.