I Want To See

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Witness: to observe or experience something of significance that takes place outside myself, or within myself: invisible to others.

In the artwork above a group of four people embrace. One chooses to be witness.

I may witness something physical, something of the spirit (for example love, hate, hope, despair), and often a combination of both which makes being a witness a rich and often complex experience. I may witness by accident or on purpose. I may forget what I witness, misremember what I have witnessed, or replay what I have witnessed repeatedly in my mind. I may be an unwilling or willing witness. I may share what I have witnessed, or keep it concealed. What I witness may support or contradict the felt reality, spirituality, or statements of others. When I witness my thoughts and feelings, I step back and recognise their reality rather than deny their existence, for I may not admit what is within me, either purposefully or unknowingly. 

The artwork 'I Want To See' presents a willing witness with the motivation that being witness will help in the retention of something personally important so that it is more powerfully remembered and acted upon in future.

The artwork, a visual image and its title, is completed by the accompanying text available at Encyclopedia Utopia.

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Encyclopedia Utopia is a publication that presents a perfect world, not as one without pain and sadness, but one where love is always present, and the intention to harm is absent. Utopia is envisioned as a place that remains full with struggle, but where the challenges of life are met with thoughtfulness, kindness, and compassion.

A full size extract from the artwork follows.