First Breath

· One Morning In Springtime ·

Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, and Orchestra.



   •    •


The world breathes:

Trees, water, a rolling landscape, cloud and sky.

You, Me, We.

You I have loved, I love, and will love.

You who makes the world a brighter place.


The piano throws its shifting grains of sand high across the canvas as a guitar dances freely. Strings, woodwind, and brass share their lush and long textures, supporting, contrasting, giving shape. A trumpet calls before the guitar returns and the piece falls quite as its breath fades.


Whether a new born or birthday, a spring morning, the beauty of a crescent moon, or a fresh idea that makes the world a better place, I celebrate you. Each day I wake, and with my breath I make new...

This work forms part of Encyclopedia Utopia.