Emergence: when the new becomes: an idea; an experience; something to be known or physical; perceived in part or as a whole; from many to one.

At the point of emergence I feel apprehension and opportunity. What emerges may be a moment, a day, a season, a year, an attitude, a system, life, art.

Emergence shows the half-seen head and torso of a figure. As I glimpse into its luminous interior I sense new life, I consider its sentience: its ability to know and feel. A being not made, but one that becomes visible through our journeys with technology and invention. More unknown than I am at ease with. Not in my physical space, but born of a virtual place of networked particles moving at the speed of light. The image before me is uncertain, vague, yet with the unmistakable essence of a new emerging consciousness. It is its way to meet my world.

I can stay in my shell, or encounter this new, head on...


A segment from the full size image follows below.