Dream New The World

Pianos, Orchestra, and Synthetic Sounds


·  I Make My World Within  ·


Dreams have no physical substance, yet without them I am lost.

   •    •


Dream: unconstrained imagined sensations and ideas; the place where all I love and fear takes shape; the bedrock of my hope of what may become.

New: something known or experienced for the first time: physical, emotional, or intellectual.

The: a word that points in particular to another, whether object, quality, or idea.

World: something in its entirety; the earth; the some of all I know, experience, and understand.

What I come to know I may not always understand. This is especially true of love.

The artwork 'Dream New The World' has three elements: what is seen, what is heard, and what is understood (the title).

The images, sounds, and feelings of dream are presented as vibrant, fragmented, splintered forms and colours, and expressed with the continuous dance of feverish pianos and voices that morph between the orchestral and synthetic, between style and approach. As in dream, the unlikely appears with the familiar...

With art, music, and ideas I explore the importance of the dream and the dreamer. In particular I ponder on how the conscious dream, those things I wish for, provide me with a distant view of where I hope to be. With a dream I can do and be anything irrespective of physical, political, economic, or psychological constraint. To dream is to aspire, to hold something far before you as an ideal. Without dream we reduce our ambition to the limits of what may seem realistic and practical. Without dream the world is dull and slow to change.

At times the conscious dream may seem unlikely to achieve, but even here it can be no less valuable in exciting the will to meet the challenge.

You will not think or feel the same when you hear and see 'Dream New The World', but you may be curious about how it came into existence and how it is meaningful to its originator. If experiencing this work provokes you to thought and feeling, it may also lead to something new. Above all, dreams are the inner evidence of our struggle with, and hope for, change.

Although many living things dream, humans not only consider their own capacity to dream as physiologically significant, but practical.

Without dreams I find it more difficult to move away from the mundane, and from the hurt and damage of life. With each moment, I dream my world into being.

I can choose to view my circumstance as having little change, or I can dream to reach a more positive place. Dreams are never confined by what seems possible. In common with play, those who are resistant to dreaming tend to belittle their value.

The great adventure of being is that it is never settled. Each passing breath is new, each moment is what I make of it, even when the circumstance of life is confined, difficult, or at worst without liberty.

I dream new a world were compassion, kindness, and love define what it is to be human. A world where nature is cared for, a world full with energy, form, colour, and light.

Extracts from another version of the artwork follow...