Do Not End

· The Song of Bird ~ The Sting of Bee ·

For Strings, Piano, and Woodwind.



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Music and artworks accompany a poem about hostility between individuals, groups, and towards nature that extends across four domains: life, love, beauty, and today.

Do not end
The song of bird
The sting of bee
The might and whole of all I see
Of all I hear
Of all I feel
The all of you
The all of me

Do not end
This love I give
You give
We give
This gentle touch
The trust that binds
The hope that builds
Be more than darkness unfulfilled

Do not end
The sound of breath that whispers soft upon this land
The scent of apple, peach, and pine
The joyful taste of oak cast wine
As dance, painting, music, word
Be moved by art in every form
By nature, sky, sea, and earth
As beauty sow this love defined

Do not end the reach of feather flown and far
The arc of moon
The blaze of sun
The furthest faint forgotten star
Do not put an end to this
The kiss of life, the chance to give
Do not end when day is long
With night begin, with love belong.



Experience the poetry, art, and music, together with my thoughts across four domains:




Visual Art

The two artworks on this page were created for children, although I hope adults also enjoy them. Here I present a world full with striking forms and colours. It is a challenge to present a message about conflict and war that children are not frightened by, yet understand the importance of not ending life, love, beauty, and the time of others.

The first artwork above shows a stylised forest of trees with pointed, protective branches that seem to transform into creatures that look skyward. Many shell-like spiral forms cover the canvas, as life covers the earth. The design is vibrant, impenetrable, and invites interpretation.

The second artwork below is more fragile, but no less beautiful. Pale pastel colours show a magical world where life flourishes. I imagine flying fish and pink coral flowers rising between the waves of land and sea.

With these artworks the subject of conflict can begin with a conversation about the beauty of the earth and life.