On the Edge of Life

I gaze at a globe thistle gently swaying in the summer breeze against the lush emerald carpet of life. As I watch the to and fro of movement I reflect on my mind's eye and what is most important to me...


Do I Mind

Do I mine or mind this mind to meld,
When fresh, broken,
Built in timeless spell,
Or spent through pictures bright,
With music loud,
With flowered scent,
With taste,
What might I touch,
What worth and waste,
What purpose is this mind but message sent,
This mindful art,
This start of new,
This end of old,
This dance that through,
Our fall to earth,
This I,
This you...
This all we are,
I sense this mind is mine to give,
Hour glass of rich and present land,
Our moment now,
Our single treasured golden grain of sand.