Ocean Bloom

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Bloom: the flowering of something sensed, felt, or thought.



As I look up I gaze at a creature of the sea, surrounded by the watery blue and luminous beauty of daylight sky that reaches far beneath the waves...

Slowly, over weeks, I work on capturing my feelings and thoughts about this life, floating soft and full below the motioned waterline, and each day the creature changes, and gradually becomes, what you see above.

The colours are of earth, land, water, life and air. The air of bush fire, of distant mist and breath, of simple scent and cloud that touch can feel. I see horizon line, the deep cut valley gorge, dusted sand, and now when all is done, a bowl of flowers, table spread, the gift of earth that brings the ocean deep to land reveals itself in ways I better feel and understand...



Extracts below show the stages of detail as the work progressed: