Fragile Earth

For Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Solo Cello and Piano.


The beauty of a leaf, our home among the stars.

Fragile Earth was composed in support of The Right of Self Protection, part of an ethical framework for a way of living things to coexist peacefully.

I consider whether the right of self protection could reasonably extend to defending and protecting the earth against the grave risk humans cause to the environment and countless living species.

I dwell in a world full with life. I am not alone. Does my right of self protection extend beyond myself? At what point does my failure to act cause irreparable harm?

Defending oneself is not confined solely to the physical realm. I can also seek to persuade others of the importance of rights with those things I say and make. My effort with Fragile Earth is to cause pause, and to encourage the consideration of the scope of rights and their mutual advantage.

A full size extract from the artwork follows: