Earthly Blossom

Many life forms are symmetrical (one side of their body is closely reflected along an axis), a feature in nature that began to emerge over 500 million years ago. This is not only an efficient model of reproduction, but in animals has the benefit of providing a spare part should the first not work, or is damaged.

Symmetry is an intensely attractive force in humans who are highly receptive to patterns, form and structure. This enchantment extends from the physical world to art and ideas.

We experience symmetry as an antidote to our chaotic world, and as we gaze upon symmetrical forms we find their repeating features curious, pleasurable, and strangely comforting.

Earthly Blossom is almost, but not quite perfectly symmetrical along two axis, and closely resembles elements of plants and butterflies. As our eyes glance from one gesture of light to the next we search for difference, we return, then search once more. Our engagement grows as we verify the beauty before us. In nature this, for me, is a constant source of wonder.

An extract from the full size work follows below.